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Wild West Casino Games is an Austin, TX based casino party company, specializing in small to mid-size events. Wild West Casino Games provides all the most popular casino games including blackjack, craps, and roulette, as well as some of the newest games, such as Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold 'em. We also run full-fledged Texas Hold 'em tournaments. Make your next event unique with Wild West Casino Games.


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2019 Tournament of Champions

The 2019 Tournament of Champions will be held Tuesday January 29 at The Iron Bear. 

Players qualify for the Tournament of Champions in either of the following ways:

1) Win any weekly event at The Iron Bear or BT2 Austin.

2) Be one of the Top 10 players, by points, at either bar.

In addition, the last five Tournament of Champions winners have a permanent invitation to future TOCs.

Here is the list of all players eligible to compete in the 2019 Tournament of Champions:

Name Top 10 IB IB Win BT2 Top 10 BT2 Win
Adam Stone x x    
AJ Sweat   x   x
Alex Shadid   x   x
Alex Velasquez       x
Angel Rodriguez     x x
Anthony Wall       x
Ashton Scott   x    
Bobby Garcia   x    
Brent Lopez   x    
Chaz Nailor   x    
Christian Vargas   x   x
Cordell Thomas       x
Dane Smith   x    
Daniel Rios   x    
Donnell Chavis x x    
Eddi Messenger x x x x
Ellie Hernandez       x
Enrique Remolina     x
Ferenc Koplyay x x x x
Frank Rhodes   x   x
Henry T       x
Jack Norman   x   x
James Auraz   x   x
James McDonald     x
James Rhodes   x x  
Jasmine Foster   x    
Jason Varndell       x
JC Cauthron       x
Jeffrey Sykes x x x x
Jeremy Dostal x x   x
Jimmy Tran       x
John Yeary x x    
Justin Washington x   x
Kevin Henderson     x
Mandy Diyenno   x x x
Matt Drevno       x
Michael Brady   x x  
Mike Riley       x
Mona Crady       x
Mylon Kirksy x x x x
Nate Felts   x    
Nick Landis   x   x
Ree Hernandez       x
Richard Posey     x x
Rick Wadley x      
RJ Heaney   x    
Ryan Taylor   x    
Shaun Johle x x   x
Shelly Schroeder x    
Tara Shull       x
Theo Scales     x x
Tyler Hasenbalg       x
Jay Sabezvari 2014 TOC      
Brendan Retherford 2015 TOC      
Brandon Davis 2016 TOC      
Mylon Kirksy 2017 TOC      
AJ Sweat 2018 TOC