About Wild West Casino Games

Wild West Casino Games is an Austin, TX based casino party company, specializing in small to mid-size events. Wild West Casino Games provides all the most popular casino games including blackjack, craps, and roulette, as well as some of the newest games, such as Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold 'em. We also run full-fledged Texas Hold 'em tournaments. Make your next event unique with Wild West Casino Games.


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Wild West Casino Games’ base rule set is the official Poker Tournament Directors Association rule set. These are the rules used as a starting point for rulings made at our tables. In addition, we have the following specific rules for our regular games:


  • Each player’s starting stack is as follows:
    • 3,000 in chips on Tuesday night
    • 6,000 in chips on Thursday/Friday night
  • Each round lasts 10 minutes, and a 10-minute break is taken every three rounds.
  • Blind structure is as follows:
  1. 10-20
  2. 20-40
  3. 50-100
  4. 100-200
  5. 200-400
  6. 300-600
  7. 500-1,000
  8. 1,000-2,000
  9. 2,000-4,000
  10. 3,000-6,000
  11. 5,000-10,000
  12. 10,000-20,000
  • Chips are raced off before each break. After exchanging the chips to be raced off in even amounts, the number of odds chips held by each player will be counted. These odd chips will then  be converted to the appropriate number of higher-valued chips. Each player will then receive one card per odd chip. Chips will be awarded to the highest cards dealt, with the suit order Spades-Hearts-Diamonds-Clubs used to break ties in rank. A player can win exactly one chip during chip race. If a player has no chips remaining after chip race, the player will receive one higher-value chip and remain in the game. (Also, see Reload rules below.)
  • The first chip race will race off Red (5) and Green (25) chips. The second race will race off Black (100) chips. At the third race, Purple (500) chips will be exchanged for higher value chips. An odd Purple chip will be traded for a Yellow (1,000) chip.
  • Reload (Thursday/Friday Only): A player who busts out during Rounds 4-9 may choose to re-enter the game with the basic stack of 6,000 in chips. (No bonuses earned at the start will be included.) A player may use the Reload only once. If a player reaches a break with less than two big blinds in their stack, the player may exercise their Reload or wait until they actually bust out.
  • At the Final Table, we will not be running the clock. Instead, each hand will two minutes off the clock, regardless of how long the hand actually takes. The two-minute run-off starts with the second hand of Final Table. Example: 7:30 remains in the current level when the Final Table starts. At the start of the second hand, the clock is set to 5:30. At the start of the third hand it is set to 3:30 and so on. 
  • At the end of Round 12, if 6 or more players remain in the game, one overtime round of five (5) hands will be played with blinds of 20,000-40,000
  • At the end of play (regulation or overtime), if a winner has not been determined by all other players busting out, the chips of all remaining players will be counted to determine a winner. 
  • Players may reserve a seat by RSVPing on that night’s Facebook event. Walk-in players are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. A player who has reserved a seat via Facebook will have a seat available, subject to availability. 
  • Seating will begin 10 minutes prior to the published start time. At that time, all players who are checked in and present in the building are guaranteed a seat. Should the number of players present plus Facebook RSVPs exceed capacity, those who reserved on Facebook will not receive a seat unless they arrive and check in prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Players who anticipate a late arrival may advise us of their late arrival via phone call or text message. Receipt of a phone call or text message is not guaranteed. Thus, players are advised to plan ahead if they anticipate running late.
  • At the end of the first quarter, immediately before chip race, any empty seats that have received chips due to these rules will have their chips removed or players on the waiting list will be seated. Seating after this point is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • Seating is done completely at random by computer. We will attempt to seat players who are a couple no less than 2 seats away from each other. We reserve the right to move players at our discretion.


Quads Jackpot Rules

Quads Jackpot is offered at The Iron Bear (Tuesday) and BT2 Austin (Thursday). Each location has a separate jackpot.

  • The Jackpot starts at $25, and increases by $25 each week the Jackpot is not won.
  • To win the Jackpot, you must have an active hand at the end of the hand (all others fold or Showdown) that fits one of the following criteria:
    1. Four-of-a-kind with a pocket pair
    2. Straight Flush with one card in hand
    3. Royal Flush with one card in hand.
  • Only the FIRST player that night to achieve a qualifying hand will be awarded the Jackpot.
  • Should two or more players achieve a qualifying hand during the same hand ("same hand" means the hand in progress at all other tables when the Jackpot is hit), the players will share the Jackpot.


In addition, each regular poker night will each have standings recorded, and players will be awarded point according to the following formula:


(ln((((a + 1) - (b) / c)) * 100)

a = Number of Players participating

b = Number of Re-buys by the player

c = Player Finish


Please note this calculation has a natural logarithm in it.